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Pawan Shastri

I am Pawan Shastri, a Professional Blogger, Web Designer & Digital Marketer from India. I started this blog to teach people about WordPress, Blogger, SEO, Digital Marketing, and Web Designing.

I have written more than 1000 articles on this blog. I have also created some Premium Courses on Udemy and other platforms to help people learn these skills.

I have also written many eBooks on blogging, SEO, web design & social media. I started this blog to help people in setting up their own blogs and websites.

I also teach them how to make money online through blogging and other online activities. I am also available for consulting and speaking engagements. (About Us)

About Us Web Blogging Scholar goal

What are the things required for blogging? Or how to blog? How to make a website? How to earn money by making a website? What is Blogging – What is Blogging?

You are going to get answers to all these questions on the web blogging scholar.

Our aim is to share all kinds of information related to blogging with you, whether it is about building a website, ranking it, earning money from it, or writing a blog or SEO, web blogging will give You knowledge about all these subjects.

Our goal is to give you the correct information about WordPress or Blogger’s site, from its Plugins and Themes to Hosting And Earn Money Online. About Us o get all types of technology, blogging tips and tricks, and information related to SEO, please F O L L O W to “web.sursaritatechknow.com” |

Please S U B S C R I B E to my y o u t u b e channel “Blogging Scholar-Youtube” – To You tube  | P L E A S E  C O M M E N T and please share. Thank you very much for visiting web blogging.

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